The cement industry suffered


 Managing Director of Lamerd Cement: The cement industry was damaged; What are the Ministry of Silence and the Central Bank doing? In the last 5 years, when the price of housing has quadrupled, has the price of cement also quadrupled ?!

Criticizing that the Ministry of Silence has nothing to do with production and only announces mandatory prices in a hammer, Lamerd Cement CEO said: "The Central Bank has also destroyed the exporter's credit with unprofessional directives and blocked the circumvention of sanctions." Gholamzadeh said that in the year of the production leap, all support for domestic production should have been provided, especially by the country's executive branch, the government, but unfortunately not only was there no support for production, but also guns were aimed at domestic production and some devices. The government will not withhold any blow to the country's national production. Noting that the mandatory pricing has taken the breath away of cement producers, he said: "Currently, the cost price of cement is very high, but the Ministry of Industry argues that supply exceeds demand." He opposes the increase in prices. He stated that the producer should not pay for unaccounted licenses and government books for cement production, adding: "Unfortunately, many licenses have been issued for cement production, which is a factor to increase supply. While the price is over Cement is very high for large producers and they sell their products at a loss in the current situation. The CEO of Lamerd Cement criticized that the minimum price of each ton of cement should be one million tomans, said: Tell me which product like cement in the cheap market Is sold. Today, each kilo of cement costs 220 Tomans. Some people believe that with the increase in the price of cement, housing will become more expensive. Gholamzadeh added: A cement factory that is worth three thousand billion tomans can not make a profit per year. This will cause them to reduce production or even stop production in the future. He added: "The Ministry of Industry's treatment of the cement industry is not appropriate at all. I have never had a meeting with the producer or other producers in the Ministry of Industry about what problems you have in order to remove the obstacles facing the producers." The cement industry is the parent industry, but the Ministry of Industry does not pay any attention to this area.