Lamerd Cement Factories Company, due to its long-term goal of becoming one of the largest producers and exporters of cement in the south of the country and in order to make optimal use of available resources, by establishing an integrated management system in the company as a The strategic decision and the full support of senior managers has taken it in line with its long-term goals. The company has established the requirements of ISO9001: 2015 (quality management system), ISO14001: 2015 (environmental management system), ISO45001: 2018 (occupational health and safety management system), ISO50001: 2011 (energy management system), ISO10002: 2014 ( Customer Complaints Management System) and ISO10004: 2012 (Customer Satisfaction Management System) has tried to pay attention to the demands of all stakeholders of the company and also to pay attention to its responsibility towards the limited resources available. In this regard, the following strategies are determined as the company's macro strategies and all units are required to implement it in their goals and programs.

 - Increase job satisfaction and strive for staff growth and prosperity by monitoring the company's performance in this area

- Preservation and maintenance of the environment through regular monitoring of pollution indicators and reviewing the impact and changes in environmental aspects and defining the necessary remedial measures

 - Reducing and gradually eliminating accidents through regular monitoring and monitoring of hazardous points and emphasizing the creation and application of safety controls

- Focus on the optimal use of energy by measuring and regularly monitoring performance, identifying waste points and taking the necessary corrective actions, purchasing products and services with higher energy efficiency and improving energy performance

- Regular monitoring of customer satisfaction and transfer of their requirements and demands to the technical characteristics of the product

- Paying attention to customer complaints and trying to turn a complaining customer into a satisfied customer by responding effectively to the complaint

- Paying attention to the effective maintenance of existing infrastructure and equipment

- Establishing appropriate communication with all stakeholders and meeting their requirements

 - Focus on creating new foreign markets and formulating strategies to enter them

 - Maintaining good relationships with domestic customers and trying to increase their satisfaction Therefore, the policy of Lamerd Cement Company in the whole organization is notified, institutionalized and reviewed to ensure the continuity of compatibility and appropriateness with the current conditions, economic developments, needs and wants of customers along with the set goals. Therefore, as the CEO of the company, on behalf of the members of the board of directors, managers and all employees, I declare my commitment to provide access to information and resources, as well as compliance with legal and other requirements and its implementation.

Ebrahim Gholamzadeh

Directing Manager and Member of board